Here’s how you can play and unblock bitcoin casinos anywhere

Sometimes, governments and agencies want to control us, but unlike our parents, they don’t always have our best interests in mind. The amount of countries that have outlawed gambling and then set up a legal government alternative is a joke. It’s a whole new level of getting screwed by those that run things.

But luckily, with a small amount of internet trickery and utilizing bitcoin casinos, what ever your government thinks is simply irrelevant.

If you wish to unlock a blocked website, all you need is a VPN.


What’s a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a software you download on your computer or device that will encrypt all internet traffic going through said device while changing your IP to a location of your choice. You simply download a software, click connect, and suddenly you can access the whole internet. What’s even better is that no one can track you through a VPN, because all traffic will be encrypted. That is, at least if you have chosen a provider that values your privacy.

Not only can a VPN help you access bitcoin casinos, it works for other types of blocked websites too. Even in China.

There are several types of VPNs. Personally, I use ExpressVpn and have been a happy customer for over 2 years. There are paid and free ones, and as with everything, it’s probably better to pay. Free VPNs are slow and unreliable. Luckily, a subscription is not expensive.


Accessing Bitcoin Casinos

When accessing an online casino from inside a country that doesn’t exactly allow such practices, it’s important to use a payment method that can not be blocked off by those trying to control your every action. Bitcoin is by far the easiest solution to this issue.

Bitcoin is not anonymous, but if you can obtain the coins anonymously, it can be used as an anonymous currency. As long as you don’t give the supplier any of your personal info when buying or selling the coins, they are practically untraceable. The easiest way to achieve such a feat is to buy and sell your coins in cash or by using a low-limit btc atm card that doesn’t require verifications. There are services for both, found by googling, but at this time I won’t link them here. PM me on twitter if you’d like details on such services.


How To Access BTC Casinos From Anywhere

To sum it up, here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Obtain and connect your VPN
  2. Obtain bitcoins with cash
  3. Read our reviews and choose a good, anonymous bitcoin casino
  4. Make a deposit, and play, all while your VPN is active
  5. Withdraw winnings to your wallet, sell in cash or prepaid debit card

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only!